Phimovie - Wordpress Movies Themes

Phicodes created by the monitoring team of the most successful movie theme from someone who phimovi the 'U offers you. With the advanced search robot added and edited from the Components section, your members can easily find the kind of movies they want. The movie categories are displayed in language options, year of construction, movie insertion section, and components. The members can reach the desired type of filament. You can set how many movies are listed in the popular movies component.
You can activate the editor selection component in the components. It will display the last movie in the category you chose as the choice of the editor. Alternatives offer full and enhanced viewing pleasure with add to views, add to favorites, watch later and bug reports. All settings including the Full-Width / Boxed option can be easily made from the management panel. With the Ajax membership system, your system will not get tired of creating different pages. Members can easily reach what they want. PhiMovie is a great theme as well as a quick look. I hope it'il make your job easier.



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